Interactive Arranging


Interactive Arranging is an interactive program for both Windows and Mac/Apple computers that is ideal for the beginning/intermediate student of jazz composition and arranging. Initially, the program looks similar to a standard orchestration text but with one major difference. Remember your orchestration book TELLING you what the clarinet sounded like? In Interactive Arranging, with a click of the mouse you HEAR what the clarinet (and every other instrument) sounds like. In addition, detailed explanations with recorded examples are given for how to write for the rhythm section.

Sections include:

  • Creating Introductions / Endings
  • Small Group Writing
  • Large Ensemble Writing
  • Score and Part Preparations
  • Marketing Your Music
  • Materials For Further Study

Musical examples that do not fit on one screen are contained in two score books; one which is concert pitch sketch scores and the other which is full transposed scores. With a click of the mouse, you can hear EVERYTHING. There are assignments in each of the writing sections with recorded examples of what those assignments should sound like if done properly. Interactive Arranging is the perfect approach for individual study or for use in a beginning/intermediate arranging class.

Get past the initial problems arranging students encounter. Start finding your “voice” as a jazz writer. Get Interactive Arranging.