The Developing Jazz Bassist


“The Developing Jazz Bassist” is an interactive video designed for use by music educators as well as beginning and intermediate level bass students. By clicking on the appropriate links, the user can, at their discretion, view the whole video or any individual section they choose just by a click of the mouse. Most music educators are not bassists themselves and have little if any training on how to teach the instrument. Most beginning and intermediate level jazz bass students are unaware of how to develop all of the areas of jazz bass performance so as to become complete players. Bart Samolis, one of Los Angeles’ busiest bassists, has combined his years of experience as both a player and teacher to create a complete approach to teaching and learning the instrument.

Watch  Videos:

  1. Acoustic Bass Setup Part 1

  2. Acoustic Bass Setup Part 2

  3. Electric Bass Setup

  4. Amplifier Settings

  5. Acoustic Bass Technique

  6. Electric Bass Technique Part 1

  7. Electric Bass Technique Part 2

  8. Walking Bass Lines

  9. Latin Styles

  10. Funk

  11. Improvisation

  12. Practice Plan

Many of the concepts spoken of are enhanced by materials that appear in a supplemental textbook that can be downloaded as a PDF file here. All of the important issues facing the young jazz bassist are dealt with thoroughly.