The Developing Drummer


The Developing Drummer is an interactive video designed for use by music educators as well as beginning and intermediate level drum set students. By clicking links that appear on the computer screen, the student or educator can, at their discretion, view the whole video or any individual section they choose just by a click of the mouse. Most music educators are not drum set players and have little if any training on how to teach the instrument. Most beginning and intermediate level drum set students are unaware of how to develop all of the areas of drum set performance so as to become complete players. The appropriate integration of existing materials is the “key” to success for both groups of people and that is the focal point of The Developing Drummer.

Very impressive and well organized…full of useful information for music educators and your musicians alike.
Peter Erskine, Master Drummer, Teacher, and Clinician

View the videos:

  1. Setup And Movement

  2. Tuning And Cymbal Selection

  3. Snare Drum

  4. Jazz/Rock Coordination

  5. “Latin” Styles

  6. How To Read Drum Parts

  7. Brushes

  8. Solos

  9. Listening

  10. Choosing A Teacher

  11. Final Thoughts