Listen to Recorded Samples

Here are several examples of my writing both for the big band and for some other combinations.

From the “Gifts” CD……..

  1. Who’s Bob?

  2. Iroquois

  3. Riding The E-Train

  4. Yesterdays

  5. St. Louis Blues

  6. Whipple’s Retaliation

  7. The Gift

  8. Bluesette

  9. Schizo

  10. When The Saints Go Marching In

  11. Hey, That’s No Lady!

Here’s some sections of “Cues Looking For A Producer”………

  1. Mysterious Pursuit

  2. Inspector Klutzoe

  3. Pastorale

  4. Retro 70’s TV Main Title

  5. Soap Opera Spoof

  6. Woodwind Miniature

………and one last Big Band piece

Eldon, John, and the Boys