Compositions and Arrangements

These charts are available exclusively in the “Charts On Disk” format. Charts on disk cost significantly less than printed charts. When you order a chart on disk, the score and parts come to you as PDF files on a CD. You print them, which is why you save over 30%. If a player loses a part, just slip the CD in your computer and reprint it. No more having to pay to replace lost parts. Need multiple copies of a score for contest? Put the CD in the computer and print away! As long as you use the CD only for the group/program it was purchased for, there is NO violation of copyright. This is the most practical way to purchase music available and the prices make it possible for you to stretch your budget dollars further.

To read detailed descriptions of each chart and, in many cases, hear recorded examples, just click on the title or the “more information” link.

Hey, That’s No Lady

Compositions and Arrangements

High energy swinging drum feature. More Information »

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Who’s Bob?

Compositions and Arrangements

Driving blues shuffle featuring bari and guitar. More Information »

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Saint Louis Blues

Compositions and Arrangements

Latin/swing version of W. C. Handy's classic More Information »

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